Multi-functional 10 Pieces Paint Brush for Watercolors, Oils, Acrylics and Gouache

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In the art world the paint brush set is king. It is a must have tool for every artist, modeller and learner. Superb for blending different colors, this nylon paintbrush set comes in different sizes which makes it the best for achieving great detailed result and is very durable.

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  • Mixed set fine brushes - This set of 10 nylon brushes is perfect for acrylic, watercolors, oils, and gouache painting.

  • Anti-hair loss - Brushes come complete with strong reinforced steel ferrules which prevents hair fiber loss. The brush nylon hair would not stray or spread much while painting allowing for perfect painting experience.

  • Smooth hair fibers -The smooth surface brush hairs stay soft and flexible, which also means easy to clean, and quick to dry. In fact they are so smooth that they can be used for face painting.

  • Easy grip wooden handle - Traditional wooden body brushes with a matt gloss making them light and easy to hold steady while you're working.

  • Easy carrying - They are the size of a colored pencil, meaning you can take your art outdoors or for travelling around.

  • 100% Satisfaction or money back guarantee - Our young family-run business develops the best products possible to help you get in touch with your artistic soul. We are convinced you will enjoy your new paint brush set, which is why we are offering a 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee. 

Note: Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery to USA and 2-5 weeks for delivery to other countries.