How to choose the right Canvas Size for you Custom Diamond Art Kit

One of the most popular Diamond Painting kits are the Custom kits. This calculator helps you to choose your canvas size based on your photo dimensions. This means that you can use a photo of a pet, yourself or loved ones, or perhaps a favourite character from a movie or cartoon and create it as a diamond painting canvas quite easily. Once you apply the shiny diamond beads to the canvas, it will bring your photo to life with a sparkle!

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What is Diamond Painting? A complete beginners guide for 2021

What is Diamond Painting? You may not have come across diamond painting yet, but this new diy art kits hobby is taking the craft world by storm. In essence this craft is a cross between paint by numbers and cross stitch, but is faster and arguably more therapeutic than the latter! There are any number of stunning pictures you can create from scenes such as an amazing aurora borealis to animals and fantasy pictures, and a whole range of colours and shades are available to help you create something that looks incredible. Diamond painting entails affixing miniscule ‘diamonds’ to an...

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